Review: Kiss Lashes in Flirty From Influenster J’Adore VoxBox

Influenster VoxBox

Influenster VoxBox

I received a box full of different products from Influenster for the J’Adore VoxBox. In case you missed it, here’s my post about the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. I loved it and had some tips for anyone interested in giving it a go.

For Kiss Lashes I have a few pointers too depending on your style. I love a full set of lashes. I’m usually the one with the sparse lash who is working on the multiple coats of mascara to get the right darkness and depth. The Kiss Lashes are very natural looking with the tapered edges and fullness. Like most sets it includes a small tube of adhesive. The glue dries clear when it’s ready to go.



I received the Kiss Flirty Lashes set. What does that mean? It’s a very full set of lashes offering great length.


Unfortunately for me, and only me, from what I normally have to what these Kiss Flirty Lashes offer it’s a huge difference. It’s like going from one birthday candle on a cake to 50. Wow! It certainly creates a look.



It looks great on for a night on the town. Curling was hardly needed as it had plenty of oomph.

For me, I prefer a more natural look most of the time. I love these and am more than happy to break ’em down to smaller strips for an extra bump at the corners. It makes the Kiss Lashes more versatile for work and play. Thanks for the opportunity to try them out! My anniversary dinner is coming up and this makes for a lovely spark.

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.